More on the Truckers War

Here are some more thoughts about today’s Truckie Protest and how it related to FailRail and Government hypocrisy over notification.

Eliminating FailRail’s competition

It’s interesting to note that the tax hike came on the same day the Government launched FailRail, taking ownership of the competing mode of land transport.

It’s a bit of a conflict of interest for the Government to be taxing a competitor to a hilt to make it’s dud investment more attractive. As the old saying goes, if it moves tax it, if it keeps moving, tax it, if it stops moving, buy it for $200m over the odds and get Mr Potato Head to Chair it.

Hypocrisy watch

Last year Annette King promised to give truckies a one month notice in future before raising RUCs. She didn’t. Why? King claims that truckers were able to buy up large on RUC licences with three days before and would do so again – even though she promised to put in safeguards to prevent this.

At the same time, Labour has launched an inquiry in to petrol prices with an eye to introducing an Australian style ‘Fuelwatch’ scheme that would force petrol companies to declare prices 24 hours in advance. Using King’s logic, such a scheme would allow ‘greedy’ drivers to create ‘bulk buying rorts’ that would ‘deprive’ petrol companies of revenue. Why is it that Big Government won’t live up to the standards it tries to impose on ‘Big Oil’?