More on Winston Raymond Peters

Winston Raymond Peters has been talking to the NZPA. Mr Peters argued that neither he nor New Zealand First benefited from the legal actions or the funds put it into it.

There is one major flaw with that line of defence that Winston Raymond Peters is taking, and that is that had he won the case then he would most definately have benefited and so would New Zealand First from the legal action as he would have been the MP for Tauranga and that means an office and staff over and above what is available to List MP’s.

Winston Raymond Peters is being disingenuous to suggest he would not have benefited personally or that NZ First would have benefited.

The case rests on whether he might have, not whether he did.

Asked if he had or NZ First had not benefited as it would have had paid $100,000 more without Mr Glenn’s donation, Mr Peters replied: “No it doesn’t work like that”.

Well Winston Raymond Peters may not want it to work like that but that is most asuredly how it does in fact work.

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