More Pork Pies

Controversy spreads on NZ First donationsWinston Peters‘ donations controversy spread yesterday after claims that large donations to New Zealand First from the wealthy Vela family had not all reached the party coffers.
Questions were also raised in Parliament as to whether…
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The pork pies are flying. Winston has now accused the NZ Herald, its editor and Audrey Young in particualr, The DomPost and now the Herald again of lying.

Yet each and everytime we have found that it was Winston Raymond Peters that was mispeaking.

His latest attack on the NZ Herald came last night on a Close Up interview with Mark Sainsbury which treated us to the farcical image of Winston Raymond Peters desperately fanning himself to stop sweating like a rapist as he mis-spoke his way right through the interview.

When asked about his “mystery” door of the $125,000 to bail out his legal fees and fines after Selwyn Cushing sued him Winston mis-spoke again.

“Meanwhile, Mr Peters, when contacted in Singapore yesterday, angrily disputed a report in yesterday’s Herald that a mystery donor had paid his $125,000 bill from the 1996 defamation suit against him by Selwyn Cushing.

Mr Peters said he had paid the entire bill himself.”

Yes well, Winston Raymond Peters may well have embarrassed another of his donors as it now seems likely that the “mystery” donor will soon be revealed as he is not much of a mystery if you cast your eyes across the knighthood lists post 1996, and his “donation” is really an “open secret” amongst many inside and outside the beltway.

If I was the media I’d be calling up Doug Graham and asking him a few questions about the honours at that time….Bloger sure won’t spill as he is now sitting cosy right next to Clark and Cullen.

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