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National has released its Broadcasting policy today.

Dr Jonathan Coleman released the package which announces a contestable fund for Charter funding rather than the current regime which basically gifts TVNZ a whole bunch of funds to make shows that no one watches. Other key points are

* Retaining ownership of all current state broadcasters, and maintaining support for the Freeview platform. My personal view is that we should be looking to off load TV2, TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7 long term.

* Demanding clear accountability for the $79 million of direct funding that goes to TVNZ 6 & TVNZ 7. Too bloody right, funding these unwatched channels is bollocks unless they can be added to Sky’s set top box.

* Continued support for Maori Television. I actually watch Maori TV sometimes, they actualy produce quality shows.

* Analogue switch-off by 2015. The final date will be confirmed once 75% of households have digital, or 2012, whichever occurs first. Good

* Continued funding for Radio NZ National, Pacific Radio Trust, and Access Radio. Why! Ditch the lot of them or make them pay their way.

* Regular publication of rating/audience/household penetration data for any broadcasting entity receiving state funding.

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