Nine Numpties vs. Nine Nats

Nine Numpties of LabourThis post is all about the nine newbies.

Nine of Labour’s up and coming candidates compared to nine of Nationals.

9 white men vs. 4 women (one of whom is Maori), an Indian Sikh, three other Maori and a Pacific Islander.

Also, of the Labour nine you have Jordan Carter and Conor Roberts who have never had real jobs, five Minserv staff, a second rate academic who has failed two degrees and a teacher. Don’t forget the ginga, like we need more gingas represented in parliament.

If that is the future of the Labour Party then they are fucked.

Nine Nats

It used to be that National was the party of white men but it looks like the Labour pary has taken that mantle.

All of the National candidates also cannot be labeled in anyway “token” as the left are inclined to do, they have all been successful in their own fields and all have earned real money from real jobs.

You won’t find any of the National Nine having said silly things like “I find trade immoral”.