Ok enough already about food!

Rachel Glucina is a fattyI have resisted posting, as to post and link will give her traffic, but I can resist no longer.

Rachel Glucina, for those who don’t know her by her more apt blogosphere nickname as Pork Chop is known as a gossip columnist. This of course presumes that she actually writes her own columns which on occaisson we have seen she does not, despite passing it off as her own work. Nevertheless she has a column and every Sunday we can look forward to seeing stuff, generally about nobodies, and live vicariously through her column.

Lately though Pork Chop has taken on an unfortunate penchant for commenting or blogging about the size of this celebrity or that celebrity all the while hiding behind her drastically photoshopped visage that heads the column. Not to mention the immense facination she has with food. The Chop herself could never be called svelte, in fact she is bordering on the immense yet she has the temerity to accuse others of that which she suffers.

This Sunday she rather callously delved into the life of former neighbour and school chum Rachel Hunter who, yes, is looking a litle chunkier but still a long way off the immensity that is Pork Chop. Given a choice between the two Rachel’s in their present condition to get your leg over, it is no choice at all Rachel H would beat Rachel G anyday of the week. There isnt a man on the planet that could or want to get his leg over Pork Chop.

Cameron Brewer Media WhoreHas this woman no shame? Well turns out she doesn’t. Just today she added a new post to her blog, a blog which seems to have attracted all sorts of sychophantic media whores to it, and again she goes on about fat people.

Pork daaaaaarhlink you are a fatty yourself. I suggest you stop blogging and writing until our put your own house in order. Might I suggest that instead of waddling to the cafe for a plate of pies you actually get yourself into the gym.

On another note i see she is also mentioning that she worked for Vodafone once upon a time….pity she didn’t tell us how she parted company with said company. Rachel’s work has been described to me by another former boss as “all icing and no cake” (there’s that recurrent food theme eh?), well that isn’t at all surprising is it considering she ate all the cake?

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