Porkbarrel politics from porksword Mallard

Pork BustersTrevor Mallard has gotten himself in a bit of trouble over what he’s been doing with his porksword in the past but now it’s pork-barreling that threatens to undermine his credibility.

On Agenda this morning he casually floated the idea of setting up locomotive workshops to kit out the trainset in his electorate, the distended rectum of the world, Lower Hutt. What planet is this fucker on (apart from Planet Sharon)?

We don’t have the local expertise, no one has any idea of how we could do it or how much it would cost. As Craig Foss has pointed out, the Government still has no idea of how much Cullen’s economic clusterfuck is going to cost and adding another unspecified cost by building workshops to give jobs to a bunch of inter-generationally welfare dependent Hutt trash will go down like Pork Chop at a buffet.

Partisanship aside, Mallard should be worried about the prospect of a Hutt Trash revolution come November. National have a Maori, rugby playing mick and for what it’s worth, WOBH picks that National has a better chance of winning Hutt South than they do Wellington Central with a candidate like Stephen Franks embarassing the party down there.

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