Put the cap back on the flagon…

Oh deary me. As an MP there must be plenty of people who send you in emails. Constituents, lobby groups, community interests, political opponents and of course there would be plenty of whacko’s out there as well. Once upon a time the whacko’s had to buy lots of magazines, coloured felt-tips and newspapers to glue their message together to send you, now they just send you an email.

So it must get confusing all those emails. It must also get rather frustrating when your government is on a hiding to nothing.

There is a rule though with emails and that is not to respond when angry, drunk or high, the results are often embarrassing. Now here is Russell Fairbrothers response to an impetinent email from Stan Blanch. Stan is no nutter playing with glue and scissors though from his response it looks like Russell Fairbrother may be heading that way. (click for a larger image)

Russell Fairbrother email