Quote of the Week – John Banks…again

Nats’ leaky homes lifelineThe National Party has hinted it will help to pay New Zealand’s multi-billion dollar leaky homes bill if it wins the next general election.
Building and construction spokesman Nick Smith told the Herald on Sunday he didn’t think…
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John Banks gets the last word in the HoS article about National’s proposal to look at leaky homes solutions.

[quote]”We don’t know what their policy is, but they have been much more sympathetic. This will certainly be an election issue for 80,000 homeowners and their families.

“If Shane Jones thinks this issue is going to vanish into the election ether, he is naive. Gratuitous comments on the eve of the Labour Party funeral are not useful.”[/quote]

That’s twice in one week Banksie has slammed Labour.

Meanwhile Nick Smith also got a it on Clark by saying Clark’s response was “heartless” and called for a “fresh approach”.

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