Remember back then

Here is a little reminder of Winston Raymond Peters a few years back. Perhaps some of the MSM might go back to Bill Hodge for some additional comments on Winston Raymond Peters.

[quote]”Constitutional lawyer Bill Hodge has a strong opinion on the apparent hospitality.

“I consider this very much a deep seated form of corruption in the Parliamentary process in law making… This is unlike anything that’s gone on in the past. In fact, I might say it’s unlike anything I’ve been aware of, or even heard of, in my time, in 30 plus years in New Zealand,” Hodge told ONE News.

“The appearance is that private money had an effect on a public function,” he said. Hodge said Peters’ actions have undercut the Select Committee’s report.

“As a report – that now has very little value. And I would not be surprised if the other participants, the other players in that particular branch of the fisheries, would say let’s run this again,” Hodge said. The constitutional lawyer says Parliament should investigate.

“I would think, in the first instance, Parliament and its Committee will look into the matter seriously. And they have a wide range of remedies available to them – suspension, admonition and ultimately expulsion,” Hodge said.[/quote]