Remember when…..

Do you remember when that Steady Eddy posted a photo of John Minto‘s house?

Remember the accusations of stalking?

Remember that Steady Eddy got called a creep? Then they called him scum and called him a freak and hoped that he and I would get taken to the cleaners?

And then said the sewer had gone over the edge and compared me to some Nazi website.

“Well, this is where it gets them: hatelists and hitlists and people behaving like low-grade National Front thugs. And to those objecting to the comparison, I have only one thing to say: if you don’t want to be compared to Nazis, don’t behave like them.”

Remember all that?

Well guess which film/documentary contains specially gathered footage of not only Don Brash‘s house but the homes of one of his staffers.

Hint: It is coming out on July 25

Alistair Campbell has let the cat out of the bag.

“Barry found a way to render onscreen by shooting exteriors of the pair’s respective homes ( and related harbour views ) “

So he stalked them

So let me get this straight.

He taped their homes.

And the views from their houses.

Isn’t that stalking? Just wondering when The Labour and EPMU paid flunkies at The Standard, Russell Brown, Poneke and other lefty wankers will blog about that egregious assault on the privacy of Don Brash…..don’t hold your breath.


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