Reminder to Clark…"relentlessly positive"

Remember this?


“Prime Minister Helen Clark is urging her team to be relentlessly positive as Labour enters election year behind in the polls, and as she endeavours to halt the head-start National has regularly built at the start of recent years.

The first Cabinet meeting of the year was held yesterday and ministers heard the message that Helen Clark wanted them to take a positive approach.”

Funny how since this day she has been a negative vile bitch – maybe this other quote from Michael Bassett is more appropriate

“In 1990 at the very last Labour caucus that I attended, when everyone was moping over our well-deserved trouncing, Helen Clark, then Deputy Leader, told the assembled Labour MPs something that I wrote down carefully at the time. She said she would be – and I quote from my caucus notes – “as vicious, nasty and opportunist as anyone” in the fight to return Labour to the Treasury benches. Those remarks were a forewarning. The only religious belief most modern Labourites seem to hold is their divine right to govern, to impose their views on others”

Clark is retreating to type. She is proving with her vile attacks that she has nothing of substance. Expect nothing positive from Labour this side of the destruction on election day. They will fight like the diseased and cornered rat they are, right up until the last votes are counted on election night. Maybe only then will they realise that their focus polling was right and that negative and nasty attacks really reflect on them and does turn off all the voters.

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