Sir Robert bites back over NZ First donation

Sir Robert bites back over NZ First donationMillionaire property magnate Sir Robert Jones is upping the ante over a $25,000 donation to Winston Peters as allegations surface the trust at the centre of the furore was set up to fund the New Zealand First leader’s legal battles.
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Everyone is coming out of the woodwork now as Winston’s embarrassing charade as the “White Knight” of New Zealand politics is coming to an ignominious end.

Rex Widerstrom has finally broken his silence by saying “he was prepared to swear an affidavit stating the trust was set up around the time of the Winebox Inquiry to funnel anonymous donations from people who wanted to support Peters’ various legal battles.” If anyone knows about Winston’s shenanagins it would be Rex. Rex also knows about some of the donations having commented as much on Kiwiblog the the other day about picking up a $50,000 donation from someone.

Other ex-staffers are coming clean as well and now i predict some of his ex-donors will too, in a bid to avoid embarrassing revelation through newspapers.

Bob Jone meanwhile ups the ante after Winston has essentially called him a liar. Unlike Winston Sir Robert has witnesses to the exchange where he donated $25,000. Bob Jones is pissed he says “I don’t tell bloody lies. Why am I in the firing line for an act of benevolence? I won’t tolerate it.”

In a pissing contest over who said what and when I’m with Sir Robert. Betcha a hundy Winston won’t sue him!

Winston when answering questions in front of Condoleezza Rice made two statements that shows he will resort to his old tricks. The first was to journalists when he smirked at them that “Putting things in inverted comas will not save you from a defamation writ.” Well Winston you “tired old drunk” not only did I put them in inverted comma’s but I used italics as well. I look forward to your writ and then getting down to tin tacks about my “honest belief” that you are a crook and I think I’ll start by re-visiting Hunua in 1978.

The real money quote that Winston is set to resort to his old tactics is this one, “I can’t wait to get down to Parliament and deal with Robert Jones next week,”. Yes I bet you can’t wait to spew forth under parliamentary privilege about Sir Robert. I’ll bet you the first thing Bob Jones does though is ring Selwyn Cushing and find out who his lawyer was who successfully sued Winston’s ass for defamation uner parliamentary privilege.


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