Some facts on Roading

While the Labour Party fundeded bloggers at the Standard continue to lie about roading facts I thought i might provide some perspective.

1. Trucks are meeting their share of roading costs:
*? NZ HMV RUC and registration fees are 200% higher than the comparable diesel tax and registration fees paid by comparable vehicles in Australia.
2. If the Minister is confident of her facts she would agree to the RTF request for a comprehensive immediate review of road funding by heavy motor vehicles and ratepayer.
3. Surface Transport Costs and Charges Report:
* The MOT advised RTF that the STCC Report would not be used for policy purposes.
* That assurance came after the RTF made detailed submissions showing errors and omissions in the report.
4. MOT are currently looking into whether they get the report updated and improved. It is? understood Hyder Consulting are scoping this project.

The STCC Report is where the Stranded are getting their “facts” from. This report has been categorially discredited as woefully inaccurate and Annette King is now resiling from those facts. The lickspittles at the Stranded better contact Helen for new talking points.