The Echo Chamber

Since we outed the Labour and EPMU funded lackeys over at the Standard it has been a little subdued. They sure have been diligent in removing all sorts of little trails that they left behind and ruthlessly moderating the blog like the Stalinist thought police they pretend they would like to be.

An astute reader of mine drew my attention to the thingy they have deployed that displays a little picture beside the author of comments. It is called Gravatar. Have a look at this post and at the comments at 4.44pm on Jan 18 and the one just after at 5.34pm by supposedly two different people. Yes well the Gravatar is the same. The only way that this can possibly happen is if both of those “people” just happen coincidentally to use the exact same IP address or are in fact the exact same person. By the way Robinsod = James Kearney = a few others as well.

Coinincidence or does this point to the? belief that there are actually only about 5 people commenting just using different aliases….I don’t know the answer but this is just one example. I’ll post others in the coming weeks.

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