The Standard uncovered

For a while now, at least since we uncovered the reality behind the lies, everyonehas believed that The Standard website and now are Labour Party and EPMU funded websites designed to try and get around the Electoral Finance Act and designed to run a feral and one sided camaign against John Key.

Today you can wonder no more as first David Farrar and secondly me, reveal all the sordid details behind the Labour Party and EPMU front known as The Standard. The links are deep and the connections to both parties are undeniable and verifiable. It is now beyond doubt that Labour and the EPMU are using publicly funded staff and resources to publish The Standard and

Firstly the people.

Tane = Neale Jones, Communications Advisor of the EPMU.

IrishBill = Rob Egan, Communications Advisor of the EPMU

all_your_base = Chris Elder, Communications staffer ninth floor

Andrew Kirton, another communications staffer this time to Lumuanahchumbawumba Winnie Laban

and finally Antony Rhodes who is a staffer in absentee MP Judith Tizard‘s office

Rob Salmond = former DPMC staffer and credited by his own mouth as the founder of The Standard. He was previously an MFAT officer, posted to the UN in New York, then worked in the PM’s office and is now an assistant professor of political science at the University of Michigan

Some details;

Previously we have blogged about The Standard being caught using Labour Party supplied servers and then Standard member Lynn Prentice owning We had Mike Williams denials and just the other day we had Helen Clark denying any knowledge of videos being made and released by bloggers. Unfortunately for Clark and Williams they can deny the links no longer.

In particular the video that was talked about in the media coincided rather nicely with Helen’s smear campaign and unfortunately for her the footage is not easily obtainable, in fact one can only get archival footage of Parliament from Parliament making it very difficult indeed for any ordinary member of the public to jump in and do research.

Then there is the post from Steve Pierson aka Clinton Smith the poor putz that is doing the bidding of others in order to cover the trail of them. He intones rather hautily that Clark has not been spending a great deal of time on an issue because “the PM works 14 hours plus a day, in the more than 40 hours after the story broke, she had about 1.5 hours of media work with four interviews a press conference, and a scrum. In each, she was asked about the C/T affair and responded with her frank, clearly unscripted views. Total time: maybe 10 minutes.”

Only a staffer in the ninth floor could possibly know all of that detail.

The Judith Tizard connection.

A Staffer in Tizard’s office is the author behind at least three attacks on John Key latterly and on Don Brash from the keepleftnz campaign in 2005. He is the undeniable artiste behind three copies of “Cosmopolitician” (don’t worry about deleting this to hide it boys, we have plenty of copies). His name is Antony Rhodes and here is a taste of the freely available meta tags that his pieces of “art” contain.

| 0) CreateDate = D:20050729150133+12’00’
| – Tag ‘CreationDate’, direct object
| 1) Author = Antony Rhodes
| – Tag ‘Author’, direct object
| 2) Creator = Acrobat PDFMaker 7.0 for Word
| – Tag ‘Creator’, direct object
| 3) Producer = Acrobat Distiller 7.0 (Windows)
| – Tag ‘Producer’, direct object
| 4) ModifyDate = D:20050729150149+12’00’
| – Tag ‘ModDate’, direct object
| 5) Company = Ministerial Services

As you can see poor wee Antony has dropped himself right in it and also provided conveniently a link from one of Helen’s closest confidantes to The Standard. Not oly that he has rather callously used taxpayer funded resources to mount the attack on Don Brash firstly and then subsequently John Key. The links to the top echelons of Labour are becoming more apparent.

The links between EPMU and The Standard.

Again we rely on technology for these links, Again the links are undeniable and irrefutable. Basically every image, graphic or statistical graph produced by The Standard is sourced from the EPMU. With the exception of the images and pdf’s outline above. How do we know this?

Well because the same version of Photoshop is used, including the exact same plugins and also licenced to the exact same person for graphics on The Standard AND almost every graphic on the EPMU website. That oerson has registered the software under the user name of either “Ducky” or DuckyD” and sometimes “Ducky2”. In fact all of these id’s points to multiple EPMU resources being used to support The Standard.

The metatags prove the link. The same software to produce the graphics on the EPMU website is also the software used to produce the graphics on The Standard website.

The EPMU and Labour must come clean on these sites. They are essentially using paid employees of either the State or of the Union. Contrast that with every bloger of the right who are either self employed or privately employed blogging in their spare time. It is telling that the left thinks that it has to cheat in order to compete and it is telling that despite the massive amounts of taxpayer and union resources going into “defeating” the bloggers of the right we are essentially winning the battle despite the odds.

Labour and the EPMU are clearly and demonstrably now breaching the Electoral Finance Act through their financial support of The Standard and now This is hufely ironinc considering the Standard authors were front and centre campaigning on behalf of their paymasters for more transparency in campaigning all the while hiding behind the supposed cloak of anonymity. Their mendacity is now exposed for all to see and their duplicitousness is open.

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