Those big booths in South Auckland

Those booths in South Auckland that Mike “Fat Tony” Williams kept up his filthy socialist sleeves may just come in in this election but not for Labour.

TVNZ has had a wee look at Sam Lotu-i-iga and like most people I think they are sutiably impressed. You see unlike the Labour Party candidates Sam is the real deal and not just some brown face put up to appease the locals. He is extremely hard working and diligent with street and office smarts.

Come election day the left will struggle to even get he vote out, unless of course they have conveniently gone around collecting up EasyVote cards like they did last election.

The problem Labour has is that the “brains” behind the electoral rort in South Auckland is now campaigning against them and he has all the workers and oprganisers that ran the scheme.

My understanding of leaked Labour internal polling is that in traditional Labour areas there is real hurt going on for Labour, particularly out West. Some seats down South are getting woeful stats for Labour.

One thing Labour may have mis-underestimated to quote Geroge Bush is the conservative religious sway held over the PI comunity and the anti-smacking bill will have been too much for them for sure.

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