Bolger to head Govt’s ‘KiwiRail’ service (+video)Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger will head KiwiRail, the country’s renationalised rail network.
The Government took ownership of the rail and ferry assets at midnight.
Jim Bolger was prime minister of the National Government…
[NZ Politics]

I’m with Cactus on this. Jim Bolger should have his party membership cancelled, all photos of his potato head emoved from all party offices and all mention of him expunged from the record. The man is a dirty filthy socialist hugger and should be avoided.

If ever there was a name to be on the top of the list for directors to be sacked after the election then right after Mike Williams would go Jim Bolgers name.

I remember Jim Bolger once sitting in the gold covered armchair in front of the piano in Mum & Dad’s lounge. He had a crystal glass of Scotch in his hand and was quietly telling those who cared to to listen how he thought Jim McLay was agreat guy but unfortunately not really destined to remain leader of the National Party. Two weeks later Jim Bolger was the leader.

I know also how Jim Bolger caved to Winston’s blackmail over who should be given a knighthood, all for the sake of keeping himself esconced in Permier House. He shouldhave called the bastards bluff not kowtowed by him.

Jim Bolger your time is up.