Two more rogue polls

The rogue polls just keep on coming. With the One News Comar Brunton and the TV3 poll that makes four in a weekend that all still spell doom for the government.

There is a slight bounce for the Government on fuck knows what. I’m hoping they think it is the personal smears and they step up that campaign.

One News results

National 52%
Labour 35%
Greens 6%
Maori Party 1.7% but would have four seats, I reckon 6. Act 1.2%
New Zealand 2.4% (Fingers crossed)

John Key 38%
Helen Clark 31%

From the analysis it looks like Labour has cannibalised Green and NZ First support rather than taking it back off Naional.

TV3 Results

National 48 percent
Labour 35 percent
Greens 7 percent
NZ First 4 percent
Maori Party 2 percent
Act at one percent and trailing at 0.3 percent was United Future.

John Key 32 percent
Helen Clark 28 percent.

All polls this weekend show a bath for the government, now it remains to be seen whether Winston Raymond Peters can slip out of the noose he has fashioned for himself.

Then it is a matter of seeing where the Winston First vote goes.