Weapons of Mass Distraction

So today the weapon of mass distraction was the Tony Veitch story.

Stephen Cook, the journo behind the story has been so incensed by some backoom chicanery that he threatened to have sympathetic Holmes puff-piece pulled.

Now at this juncture I should point out that Holmes’ is employed by the Radio Network. As in, Veitch’s old network. So writing a soft wankpiece like that and Holmes’ employment are pretty clearly linked. Radio Network have been frothing at Canwest’s response to this and Larry Williams almost had an aneurysm on air when they were discussing it. He ripped in to CanWest and then started screaming over the top of the guy they had on to discuss it

So what you all ask and I must confess I am not that fussed by the story of a silly little prat who thinks he is tough because he smacked the missus around…….but….

Peter Parussini, one of the guys who knew is the head of TVNZ’s corporate affairs division, i.e. their head spin doctor, the one who would have made the call to cover this up is a former Labour party press secretary and media advisor (last Labour Government) was also the highest polling Labour candidate for Wellington City Council in 1994.

Further, Anthony Flannery, the head of news, who was also at the meeting is a former ALP press secretary.

Now is this just coincidence or are we seeing a full blown TVNZ coverup ordered on high by none other than fellow pugilist Trevor “It is OK” Mallard.

Sounds too far fetched doesn’t it….just wondering is all.

Finally the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned in all of this is the possible role of drugs. Now to hit your missus and kick her so severely as to require hospitalisation needs a fair bit of anger….paranoid anger….meth fuelled anger? This story has all the hallmarks of a tosser thinking he could handle the drugs but in actual fact the drugs were handling him. I predict we will hear all about how TV has/had a wicked ‘P’ habit wihich culminated in him giving the missus the bash.Zemanta Pixie