What say you Winston?

Peters remains quiet on donation emailsNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters is keeping tight-lipped after leaked emails cast doubt on his denials that billionaire Owen Glenn made a large donation to the party.
But at least one New Zealand First MP has expressed concern…
[NZ Politics]

I bet he is keeping tight-lipped he is trying to work out what lies to spin next. He has painted himself into a corner and he used his own brush and his own paint.

I said back in February that OG was pissed with these chumps because they reneged on a deal. Firstly he embarrassed Clark. He embarrassed Clark so much that she had to get Mallard to intercede to keep him away from her.

Now he is embarrassing Winston and quite delicious it is too. It is apparent to anyone who cares to think about it that Clark and Winston promised OG a deal and then they reneged. The price of the deal is now becoming too electorally high and will bring both of them down.

OG is playing for keeps and I bet right now that Winston is furiously trying to get hold of him. It won’t work and Peters will be getting into a right lather. Just when he was hoping to come back from Fiji with a “peace in our time” statement and try to make himself look like a hero he cops this lot.

Winston needs to come clean and if he won’t then Mini Winnie and the other NZ First MP’s need to take action and dump his sorry ass.

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