Where in the world is Jordan Carter?

Axis of Weasel memeber Jordan Carter just can’t shut his yap.

If it wasn’t bad enough that the only reason he was selected for Hunua is he white and gay and lives in Wellington then there is his very vocal past where little gems like;

“If one was to believe everything that the Coast Action Network has to say, no Government MP should set foot within 50km of the feral bastards.”– when asked about West Coasters

“You know what, I hope I do scare you – enough to give you a heart attack and get you out of circulation” – responding to criticism

“I’m sure missing out on a business lunch or half a pair of trousers is going to make them all apathetic. They quite clearly do not care about my money.? And to be blunt, it’s payback time.” – when talking about Labours 1999 tax increases

“I wish Peters would die” – on Winston Peters

“Tiresome.? I thought wanking was natural. For some its a way of life. Care to address the question” – wanting some focus in a debate

“Libertarianism doesn’t work because it would restrict people’s choices and opportunities to those that their parents could deliver them, They’re not entitled to choice at anyone else’s expense.” – Jordan Carter clearly confused on Liberterianism

“Neither is on my cards.? I will simply change the Labour Party to suit me.” – Jordan Carter on Labour harbouring right wingers like Phil Goff

“Cullen: someone whose prime role in politics is redistribution.” – Jordan Carter on Michael Cullen

“Indeed.? And having embarked on a political career, one might expect to be careful about what one said in a public forum.? The fact of the matter is that I have stated many, many times that I am here as Jordan Carter, Esq. Now someone has shat on me (sp) from a great height for their personal jollies.? Good on him.? I hope he’s happy about it.” – Jordan on someone who knows how to cut and paste his words to remind him how completely bloody stupid almost everything he says is.

Now to be fair to Jordan he has embarked on a butt covering exercise in order to try to nullify the more extreme of these views. However he dropped himself in the crap yet again due to his penchant for committing to the internet before he has engaged the extremely tiny socialist brain that he has.Now not only does he still think that “trade is immoral” but now he has clarified his non-retraction by adding “I’m not interested in money or profit: I don’t derive any satisfaction
from working for shareholders or an overseas corporate owner.”

Now back to the premise of this whole post which is Where in the World is Jordan Carter?

He is the candidate for Hunua.

He lives mostly in Wellington but has a doss in Central Auckland.

He works for a non-profit in Wellington

and he has a wonderful picture of Hunua on his website touting for people to vote for him in Hunua…….or does he? There it is below…lovely isn’t it?

Hunua or not?

Well actually no he doesn’t. The wonderful photo of Hunua gracing the top of his website is in fact anywhere else but Hunua. Here is the same photo uncropped by Jordan on iStockphoto.

Not Hunua

Oh dear.

The question remains though.

Where in the World is Jordan Carter?

It seems he is everywhere except Hunua and based on all of that plus his intransigence over his colourful statements of the past there is little doubt that wee jordan should perhaps chuck it in in Hunua.

Imagine this prize prick controlling or assisting to control the levers of power and dipping his slippery socialist fingers into your wallet for some pet project of his.