Why we won't have an election after 30 Sept

There is convincing evidence mounting as to why we won’t have to wait much longer to boot Helen Clark and her poodles from Office.

Tonight we here that Treasury believes that New Zealand is already in recession thus pointing to Labour not wanting to have that officially confirmed just days out from an election in October or November when official statistics would be released.

[quote] “The past month has seen the release of data that confirm a sharp slowing of growth in early 2008 and point to further weakness in the June 2008 quarter,” the June report said.

“It is possible that the economy has experienced a technical recession (where real GDP declines for two consecutive quarters) in the first half of 2008.”[/quote]

Worse still, treasury has cut its forecast for year to March to just 0.5 or 1%. That means that Labour will have presided over almost stagnant economy in their last year in office and it won’t take much to drop growth further.

Ironically that may well have happened today as fuel companies added another 6c to bring petrol to $218.9 per litre. This will further empty the motorways and roads and worse too from Labour’s perspective make it fiscally prudent for their voters to stay at home rather than take the car to the voting booth.

It is readily apparent to anyone in Auckland that the economy is teetering. The motorways are free flowing now and getting carparks is a breeze a sure fire indicator that commerce is drying up. Anecdotal evidence from Queen Street retailers indicates that many are about one month away from shutting the doors.

Massive job losses are not far away as companies re-trench. At the gym today I spoke with a Catholic Priest who works out and whose parish is deep in the heart of Labour voter country. He said that the members of his parish are no better off after nine years of labour and are now surly almost to the point of rebellion. He was genuinely worried about the next few months for many of them who are employed but employed in marginal jobs.

It is all of these things that suggst to me that Labour is going to the polls and going real soon. Their last ditch attempt to get any ideas won’t help them. Their “brainstorming” sessions will actually resemble a kindergarten playing musical chairs with very few chairs being available.

We’ll be at the polls within 12 weeks.