Winston has made a big, big mistake

Peters and Glenn still talkingForeign Minister Winston Peters and transport magnate Owen Glenn appear to have reopened discussions about Mr Glenn’s becoming New Zealand’s honorary consul general in Monaco, a letter to the minister obtained by the Herald reveals.
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Winston Peters has made a huge mistake, well actually he has made several huge mistakes. The first one was to treat Owen Glenn with complete disdain, the second was to lie about it all and the third was to call Audrey Young a liar.

It is almost guaranteed that the Press Gallery will now view Winston Peters as open season and keep on shooting, stabbing and kicking even when his political corpse lies bleeding, dead on the ground.

Winston is taking bribesNow we find out that contrary to Winston’s assertions there is plenty more to come on this scandal, a scandal that may well bring down the government. We now find out that Owen Glenn is still chucking cash around so he can be made honorary consul to Monaco and Winston is seriously entertaining the idea but making Owen Glenn jump through hoops.

This is very serious, what we have here is documentary evidence of Winston suggesting favours if some “projects” are supported.

Helen Clark cannot escape this now, she is as complicit as Winston in this because it is her Foreign minister that is seeking financial favours for pet “projects” in return for “positions” confered and by the Foreign Minister and approved by her cabinet.

Helen Clark and Winston Peters have finally raised the ugly word of corruption that now hangs heavy over our government.

An Independent Corruption Commisssion must be established now and their brief must surely now run back to the 2005 election and party funding of Labour, NZ First and examine if there is any link between cash and honours confered.

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