Winston lies

Wisnton Peters answers questions about whether he is corruptWhen Winston Peters held up his little sign saying NO, he was lying. We know this now because Audrey Young has revealed in the print edition the email conversation that OG had with his PR person.

Steve Fisher: Our plan worked well. There is nothing new about you in here Owen. Note that Winston says you have never made a donation to NZ First, so at all costs you must stick to that line. It was definitely the right thing to do to deny the Maori Party offer as well.

Owen Glenn: Steve – are you saying I should deny giving a donation to NZ First? When I did?

Steve Fisher: No, just stick to the line of referring stuff to NZ First. What I’m saying is we don’t want to contradict Winston.

Ouch….so this shows that back in Februrary when this blog and others were claiming a cash for honours scandal we were in fact correct. Not only that back in 2005 there was speculation that “someone” tried to buy the election result with a donation of $250k to the Maori Party and now with OG’s own words it it appears to have been him.

Just to recap. OG gave Labour $500k in 2005 to help them win, he then gave them a loan which Mike Williams intially denied but truned out to be true. There was supposistion that OG also donated to Winston First and that again has proven to be true.

It seems that OG is the only one telling the truth and Winston, Helen and Mik are all lying.

Spin CycleFunny thing is we also know what line Helen Clark will take because her proxy in the blogosphere has already run it. That’s right folks The Standard, which means Labour, will also try to spin all this as “boring” and that there is no scadal because their biggest donor in 2005 and recipient of bauble didn’t bribe the Maori Party because they didn’t take the bribe. The Standard, already discredited as a Labour party funded and staffed blog is now further discredited because they are running the lines that this is all boring and it is ok to try to circumvent electoral laws.

Electoral corruption is “boring”! So too is passing a law removing secrecy then getting yourself a nice secret donation either just minutes before or after the law takes effect and then lying about that donation. That labour are supported by the most venal and corrupt politician in the house is a scandalous as well.

It now appears that it wasn’t, as contended by Clark, that national tried to buy themselves an election, rather it was Clark and Winston and that they are still trying to do and it is their “big money” donor behind it all.

Boy oh boy they must have reneged on a rather large deal with OG for him to visit this sort of retribution upon them.