Winston not keeping to his word

Winston not keeping to his wordWinston Peters has not done what he said he would do.
Last Saturday during a press conference with Condoleezza Rice, the Foreign Minister was asked by TV3 what he thought about Bob Jones having accused him of lying.
[Bob Jones…
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Audrey Young has called out Winston Raymond Peters for his bullshit today in the House. She rightly points out that Winston Raymond Peters was supposed to clear everything up about him and Bob Jones.

He hasn’t. Further it is still on record that he has called Bob Jones a liar.

Audrey has helpfully put up the NZPA transcript of the Q&A from the Friday Farce that Winston calls a press conference. If you can manage to read it right through it is clear the man has lost the plot. The scotch, cigarettes and fornication seem to have finally caught up with him.

When you read it you can see he takes numerous positions on the Spencer Trust, not one of which remotely stands up to the evidence supplied by Rex Widerstrom, Bob Jones or Malcolm Wright. Winston appears to be all over the place like a mad woman’s shit. The transcript is a psychologists?dream.Zemanta Pixie