Winston Raymond Peters in deep trouble

John Armstrong : Credibility gap becomes an abyss for blustering PetersWinston Peters has to be brought to his senses. So the Prime Minister has been holding the smelling salts under his nose. Judging from yesterday’s angry press conference, they are taking some time to work.
Trying to bring Peters…
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The media have turned on Peters. His pathetic performance and charade of a presser yesterday have essentially sealed his fate. The beautiful, wonderful thing about all of this is that Clark has cuddled one corpse too far, the political corpse of Winston Raymond Peters. The stench of death is upon them all.

Editorial : This one is not a game, Mr PetersWinston
Peters returned yesterday to face some very serious questions. What is
this Spencer Trust, run by his brother, for which Sir Robert Jones says
he wrote a cheque at the request of Winston Peters? What political
purpose, if…
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The Herald editorial is scolding of Peters. He must front and do it now. The questions about his dodgy and some say illegal funding practices remain unanswered.

Peters dodges trust, cash and where it wentSerious
credibility questions remain for Foreign Minister Winston Peters after
he failed yesterday to throw any light on what happened to a $25,000
donation given by Sir Robert Jones in 2005 for Mr Peters’ NZ First
Sir Robert…
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Bob Jones is skewering Peters daily, in fact he is revelling in the furore. There is now little chance that Winston can weasel his way out of the allegations.