Winston, Winston, where for art thou

Heat back on Peters over cash donationNational leader John Key is calling on Prime Minister Helen Clark to find out whether Foreign Minister Winston Peters told the truth when he denied his party had received a donation from billionaire Owen Glenn.
Mr Peters’ denial…
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Winston has bolted to Fiji hurling threats of lawsuits behind him. Meanwhile we ll sit amused as Winston has been caught well and truly with his pants around his ankles, this time hanging out the back of a sheep.

Seriously though this issue raises the ugly question about corruption in New Zealand, coupled with Labour’s effective buying of the Police, their continued raids on the public purse, retrospective legislation that benefits them personally and the list goes on. It is high time that an Independent Corruption Commission was established in New Zealand.

It would be easy to set up, each State in Australian has one as well as a federal commission, we just model our one on theirs.

Meanwhile in this little banana republic we sit and wait for Winston formerly of Tauranga to pronounce it is all a conspiracy against him and malicious lies.

Those would be “malicious” lies against him rather than “honorable” lies as told by him?

Clearly Winston thinks we are all dumber than a sack full of hammers.