ACT – You've gotta wonder sometimes?

Here is another photo of some protestors at the National Party Conference. They are ACT supporters protesting because National isn’t rightwing enough.

So you walk down the street and you have ACT supporters protesting that National isn’t right wing enough and Labour supporters protesting that National is too right wing.

Numpties the lot of them.

Have those ACT-oids considered that National has in fact done them a favour by moving to the centre and giving them breathing room. The latest Roy Morgan Poll sould suggest that this is the case.

And here was me thinking that ACT supporters were supposed to be smart. Let me tell you it isn’t smart to piss off your potential coalition partners, it isn’t smart to criticise National for making room after they almost nailed your ass in the last election because of the move to the right.

Contrast that with the Maori party who go home each week and get on with being effective advocates for their constituency that elected them instead of poking borax at your mates.


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