Bill Ralston serves up a warning for WRP

Bill Ralston: Stalling Peters fly in ointmentI had a few drinks in Auckland last week with Sir Robert Jones and tried to hit him up for $25,000, arguing that I, too, was an “old mate”. I promised I would not try to start a political party, the loot would never go near my family… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bill Ralston’s piece in the HoS serves up some dire warnings for Winston Raymond peters and for Helen Clark.

For Clark she is facing possible supply issues and an early election if she doesn’t stick by Winston till the Appropriations Bill is passed. The problem for her though is that the issues swirling around Winston of graft, corruption and bribery aren’t going to go away instead they are going to grow. It is only a matter of time before Clark’s hand is forced and we are looking at an election. The longer the date is put off the greater the risk that they are protrayed as simply desperate trying to hand on to the baubles of power at any cost.

The warning for Winston Raymond Peters though is left right to the end;

The bad news for Peters is that the allegations against him will not go away, in fact there will be more over the coming months.

While Peters may scrape back into Parliament, I cannot imagine any government, Labour or National, would want to deal with him again.

Yes, that is my information too. Let’s get it all on the table.