Know your Labour stooge – Duncan Webb

With all the commentary going on around the place it is important to know just who is writing what. It is apparent to all but the dimmest of those out there that I support National with a good dose of ACT. DPF likewise. The Stranded are Labour/EPMU lickspittles.

But what about MSM sites. Like

Over there they have commentary from Duncan Webb. This is how they describe him.

Duncan Webb is a professor of law at the University of Canterbury and a political commentator who regularly appears on both TV and radio and is a frequent columnist in print media

Sounds nice except they don’t really disclose his very, very close ties to Labour. They don’t disclose that he is the Labour Party Electorate Chair in Christchurch Central, they don’t disclose that in this article he is  described as a Labour Party campaigner. Further it appears that Rick Barker recently appointed this Labour toady to a position in yet another case of jobs for the Labour boys.

I think that it is beyond crediblity for TV3 to put this man up as an independent commentator given the overwheming evidence to the contrary. Either get some balance and some disclosure or get rid of him.

Take one of his posts today about National’s borrowing for infrastructure, the whole post may as well have been all the talking points of the ninth floor for objectivity it displays. Now on that point would some of these Labour numpties who are screaming about “evil borrowing” tell me whether they paid cash for their houses or they went out and got themselves a mortgage to increase their infrastructure holdings.

So anyway, now you know that Labour has stooges commenting at TV3. Hardcore Labour functionaries masquerading as independent commentators.

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