More jobs for Labour Toadies

Labour has again rewarded loyal lickspittles and toadies with todays announcement of new appointees to the Families Commission.

The four appointments are:
* Dr Jan PRYOR as Chief Commissioner (3 year appointment).
* Ms Sandra ALOFIVAE who has been reappointed as a Commissioner (two year appointment).
* Mr Gregory FORTUIN who has been appointed as a Commissioner (three year appointment).
* Mr Kim WORKMAN who has been appointed as a Commissioner (three year appointment).

Jan Pryor has replaced Rajen Prasad who, word on the street has it, is set to be announced high on labour’s list. Pryor is Pryor is a good mate of Dr Peter Davis and has worked with him in the past. She is a hardcore Labour/general left wing activist.

Fortuin, a former Alliance/Progressives activist. Was appointed to try and mediate between factions during the Alliance break up. He has been appointed to lots of things but most are Jum’s pet numpty projects.

Alofivae is a long time Labour supporter and has been commissioner before.

Workman is a far left activist, involved in the prison fellowship and that rethinking crime and punishment group that thinks giving crooks cuddles would be better than locking the pricks up.

The rush of jobs for lickspittles, numpties, knobs and toadies is becoming an avalanche as Labour is runningoout of time ti reward the fawning adoration of Dear Leader.

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