Nats promise MMP referendum by 2011

Nats promise MMP referendum by 2011A National-led government is promising to hold a referendum on MMP no later than 2011. But party leader John Key today said if voters decided to ditch MMP a second referendum would have to be held to decide which system should… [NZ Herald Politics]

Not only that it will be binding. The announcement came amongst John Key’s 10 election pledges. Some are a bit wiffly, waffly and I’m guessing that we will have to wait until Clark names the date for further details. Other are emphatic (in bold)

1. deliver an ongoing programme of tax cuts;
2. take a more disciplined approach to government spending;
3. cap the number of bureaucrats;
4. crackdown on gangs and the methamphetamine trade;
5. reform the Resource Management Act in its first 100 days of government;
6. open some government services up to private sector management;
7. set national literacy and numeracy standards for primary school children;
8. retain all existing superannuation entitlements and grow them through tax cuts, with Mr Key promising to resign if the pledge is not kept;
9. repeal the Electoral Finance Act but retain provisions which provide for greater transparency in political donations;
10. hold a referendum on MMP no later than 2011.

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