Now that's what I am talking about

I confess to loving Motorhomes. I haven’t got one yet but my dream is to have one, a large one and to travel where ever i damn well please, blogging along the way with my state of the art staelitt Internet system etc.

I have seen a couple that fit the description and some designs coming out are simply stunning but I think I have found the puppy now. Imagine it in White with the WOBH log emblazoned on the side turning up unannounced at some political meeting and nailing politicians when they least expect it.

The Country Coach’s Veranda series of luxury motor coaches incorporate a veranda which is designed to transform your living area into a luxury suite with a view. The veranda is essentially a 4.6 foot wide by 13 foot deep steel desk with railings. It is created by lowering the coach’s side wall and is separated from the interior by 12-foot, three-section glass doors, which can be opened wide to increase the living space. The deck is designed to bear 3000 pounds of weight and the railings are built to residential code. The dual-layer steel deck floor is covered in easy-to-clean vinyl and can be lowered in less than 20 seconds and raised in under 30 seconds.

Donations to fund the dream kindly accepted.

Veranda motorhome