Raybon Kan slays the EFA

Raybon Kan: It’s gotta be a joke – Sunday Star-Times – Sunday Star-Times

Raybon Kan is a funny guy, except today he isn’t so funny. He writes about the draconian anti-democratic Electoral Finance Act.

The problem is the Electoral Finance Act.

Now, I know, once you see those three words, you tend to look for some other article to read. But please bear with me. It’s just plain wrong that Tui’s billboards about Winston Peters and the money, even in Winston’s own electorate, could fall under the Electoral Finance Act. Let Tui speak! The ridiculous outcome of this law is that Tui, a beer maker, might have to pay money, hence to endure economic hardship, to be registered as a third party in order to make political jokes on their billboards. Good grief. These jokes are enjoyed by everyone on the street, drivers and pedestrians alike. Tui’s jokes are a gift, a public work of art, as worthwhile and beneficial as trees, or sculptures, or public healthcare. When jokes are fined, this is censorship by tax.

His lsat ords are the most powerful “Let freedom ring. Let’s not have a country which stifles political dissent. Freedom of speech is non-negotiable to democracy. Today, let’s all have a Tui to help them pay their fine.”