Some Random Impertinent Questions for Winston Raymond Peters

Duncan Garner raises some valid questions;

1. Who set up the Spencer Trust?
2. Who donates to it?
3. What is the money spent on?
4. Does New Zealand First receive money from the Trust?
5. How much?
6. Why isn’t it declared? (Donations to parties over 10k must be declared)
7. What else does the Trust spend its money on?

Now that is a good start but all together far too polite. So in consultation with an Off-shore Trust specialist I now ask some more rather impertinent questions.

1. If Brian Henry QC’s public profile is limited to the large pro bono legal cases like the Wine Box Inquiry why did he get paid?

2. Didn’t the Wine Box Inquiry establish that the Cook Islands is a money laundering and tax haven?

3. Which lawyer and which politician knows more about the Winebox money laundering schemes? than anyone else?

4. How many visits to Samoa and the Cook Islands has the Foreign Minister been on?

5. Is the Spencer Trust actually an offshore trust?

6. Just where exactly did the Foreign Minister recuperate after his “spider bite”?

7. Which other prominent New Zealanders have also had donations solicited from them by Winston Raymond Peters?

8. Aren’t the Cook Islands listed on the FATF blacklist of “Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories”?

9. Which Pacific Island has criminal sanctions for breaches of secrecy?

10. Winston Peters rented a bach for a long period in which Pacific Island?

11. Brian Donnelly is High Commission to which Pacific Island?

12. Winston’s former girlfriend was from which Pacific Island?

13. The Minister from which Pacific Island followed Peters to an Antarctica junket, despite the temperature on that Island never dropping below tropical?