Why isn't Obama pulling away?

Jennifer Rubin on commentarymagazine.com looks at why Obama isn’t pulling away in the polls. Democrats are scratching their heads. Obam the great messiah was supposed to be winning and not just winning by the skin of his teeth, winning by lots. She quotes Charles Krauthammer;

I think the sheen from earlier this year, where he was seen as a streaking meteor and he was the candidate of hope-I think it was Brit Hume who said he started the year by selling hope, but now he’s selling audacity. And I think there’s a sourness setting in. And you see it even in mainstream press when you get a Dana Milbank of “The Washington Post” write a brilliant article in which he says said that Obama started out as the presumptive Democratic nominee, and now he’s the “presumptuous” Democratic nominee. So there is a sort of a turn in the zeitgeist. Where the energy issue is hitting is in congress. The Democrats have made a huge mistake here, the stubbornness of Pelosi and Reid in not allowing a vote. The Democrats know it is a losing issue. It’s manna from heaven because Republicans were running uphill on all the economic issues, and they are clearly on the side of public opinion on this.

And while the Obama show rolled through Berlin selling audacity it forgot that back home a campaign was running that is focussing increasingly on his flip-flops, his lack of an economic message, the success of the surge that he opposed and his fake presidential seal.

Obama is being portrayed as arrogant and flaky and that message is sticking. Oh and don’t forget Shrillary’s supporters. Ain’t no way they are gon’ to support Barack Hussein Obama.