Willie Jackson Refuses To Die Waiting

This is a little harsh but is somewhat funny at the same time. Willie Jackson has recently had a heart bypass. He had it rather urgently. The thing is Willie had the surgery done at Mercy Hospital, a private hospital.

The Libertarianz have cottoned on to this rank hypocrisy and have issued a press release entitled “Willie Jackon refuses to die waiting”.

Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath sent his party’s best wishes to broadcaster and former Alliance MP Willie Jackson, who earlier in the week had coronary bypass surgery performed at Mercy Hospital in Auckland.

“We applaud Willie and his family, who opted to have this operation done in the private sector, rather than risking death waiting for the same surgery in a public hospital,” said Dr McGrath.

“It is, of course, rather ironic that Willie was once an MP for the far-left Alliance Party, which championed a second-rate chain of under-maintained hospitals that rationed out health care, causing needless deaths for which no bureaucrat or politician was ever made accountable. Whatever would comrades Laila Harre, Phyllida Bunkle and Chris Trotter think of Willie now?”

Dr McGrath asked why every New Zealander who needs urgent surgery shouldn’t have access to care in the private sector.

“The reason many Kiwis can’t afford to do this is because half their income is taken from them in tax. They can’t afford to pay for surgery or even purchase private health insurance.”

The rest of the presser is in complete la-la land especially when he talks about a Libertarianz government. However the up-shot of the presser is interesting. Here we have life long socialist and generally good guy realising that he was fucked unless he got some good old captialist treatment and fast. Now that is almost a conversion on the road to Damascus so to speak.


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