Around the Blogs

Bridget Saunders blogs about Cougars and gets heaps of comments that are hilarious.

The self rated best sysop in the world gets all foamy about me and DPF. He really needs to take a chill pill. Despite their defaming me repeatedly in the comments I have been banned from responding because Lynn (that surely is a girls name) thinks I am technically illiterate and because I am a creep. So the rules for them are to throw shit, then ban any response. Good oh! Assholes.

DPF laughs at their desperate smear.

Barnsley Bill has a video link to a Youtube vid of a guy getting dirty with heaps of plump birds.

Where in the World is Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemplyed of no fixed abode. Not one single post since November 11 from Frank….ooops…Winston or anyone else. Knock, knock anyone there?

After fighting the election with no new policy and having three websites to prove it you would have thought Labour would have at least kept the 2005 policy up on the web, but no, they now officially have no policy at all, and we are still paying for their website too. You would think with the lack of blogging a_y_b would have had time to update the site since he managed to keep his job, albeit in a different office now that has a view that isn’t quite so appealing.