Now that's a blog rating I can endorse


Thank you, thank you….Thank you Cactus

I’d like to thank…….the Labour Party for giving out free hits willingly, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode for being a lying ass, all the lickspittles, lap-bloggers, broken arses and numpties who drew themselves to my attention….you don’t really think I care what you say about me do you?….Andrew Williams, the Cock of Campbells Bay who threatened to sue me……just wait Andrew plenty more vitriol where that came from……Pearl Going the maker of plastic handbags that seemingly are invisible….I haven’t finished with you pearl dear you fake little broken arsed putz….Judith Tizard for being such a terrible MP, hope you enjoyed the video….Helen Clark for staying ugly……Michael Cullen for being a sanctimonious cock…..a special mention to my sponsors of the Blogmobile tour, you know who you are and you should be pleased, quietly with the results, many thanks for your support….

And last of all I’d like to thank me, of course I’m going to thank me, I did all the bloody work, well apart from some helpful contributions from…….yeah right I’m going to tell you who sent me in stuff.

Thank you, and remember this;

If you want to wrestle with pigs know two things are true. You’re going to get dirty and the pig loves it.