Bill English should be sacked

Fran O’Sullivan: Conservative’s push may be anything butBill English is a self-admitted conservative who may yet prove to be the type of Finance Minister who will push for big economic shifts – like proposals to make Auckland a super city – to send strong signals about the way this Government… [NZ Herald Politics]

In Fran O’Sullivan’s piece this morning Bill English openly criticises the Prime Minister. This might be ok if Bill English ever had any original ideas of his own but frankly he should just STFU and implement what John wants. Could you imagine Brian Talboys voicing opinions contrary to Robert Muldoon? Or Cullen being openly scoffing about Clark? Not even Winston at his worst in the Bolger days would slur a word from the Green Parrot against his Prime Minister. Bill English is simply out of line.

His silly opinions are not warranted and frankly not wanted. This country needs vision and innovation not his tired second-hand poorly learned policies from Ruth Richardson and Roger Douglas. John Key was elected to provide that vision and the sort of ideas that netted him $50 million. All Bill English has managed to do with his life is father 6 children, lose a boxing match and get the lowest ever party vote for the National party ever. He sure as hell doesn’t have a cool “Fitty” sitting in the bank. Mr 20.9% should pull his head in or John Key should cut it off.

While we are at it on the sorting out non-performers how about booting Nick “the Pinko” Smith to touch, the man (can I still call him that) is a liability.

If we continue to have loose cannons like English and Smith in cabinet then this will be a one term government. I think we need to look to the Australian model again and re-introduce the concept of a Treasurer. Someone visonary with balls to front popular yet innivative solutions to the issues we face. Clearly Sir Roger Douglas would the best person for this role but unfortunately he is politically unpalatable. The clear front runner for this role would be Stephen Joyce. He has no baggage, has shown innovation in the past though the election campaign was rather brown bread it was at least successful. Bill English can then be the Finance Minister but answerable to the Treasurer. Bill is far more suited to the more boring nuts and bolts and orders following than trying any original thought. At if we try this model again the treasurer won’t be a drunken sot propping up the bar at the Green Parrot.