Labour's Corrections Legacy Lets another Crim Loose

Labour’s silly Corrections policies and security classifications for prisoners has allowed a dangerous criminal to escape custody.

Arai Hema was classified as low risk despite serving an 11-year sentence for the rape of a 16-year-old Napier girl and the attempted murder of 76-year-old Bruce Butler, who attempted to intervene.

This classification allowed him out on a work detail and he then escaped.

The Minister should once again call Barry Matthews in to explain why she should retain confidence in his ability to run Corrections in a manner that the Government and the Public who pay his salary expect.

So while Phil Goff is upset about the cancellation of a silly seminar and wants law changes to enforce the Higher Salaries Commission to listen to politicians, something his Government had none years to do, another dangerous prisoner is on the run.

Labour really needs to get its priorities right instead of maintaining its attitude of entitlement.