Meet Naim the Medic

Naim the MedicMeet “Naim the Medic“, he was killed while helping wounded as the evil fascist Israelis invaded Gaza.

This poor innocent medic was caught up in the war and was one of the many innocents killed by the evil fascist regime controlling rightful Palesttinian lands.

Of course this is all bullshit along with many other of the Hamas stories to emerge from the Gaza war.

This photo of “Naim the Medic” is from a Hamas website.Ye, that’s him with the AK in his hands. Funny sort of first aid dispensing device those hamas folk carry.

The IDF has been identifying the dead in an effort to counter the assertions of the international media and hamas that of teh 1200 killed more than 895 were civilians. In fact in identifying the killed it seems like the civilian death toll is less than a third of that number.

The simple fact is Hamas are liars.