Brian Rudman : Labour can't take Clark seat for granted

Brian Rudman : Labour can’t take Clark seat for grantedFor an aspiring career politician, especially one tipped for greater things, an electorate seat is a necessary accessory. It gives you a certain freedom that being a mere list MP doesn’t. Importantly, it means you don’t have to… [NZ Herald Politics]

Rudman gets it with Mt Albert. It is right-wing bloggers that are putting the shits up Labour.

But jeerings from the sideline by right-wing bloggers and their mates about the downstream consequences of Mr Twyford being selected, seems to have got the Labour leadership all a-twitter.

Oh go on, ignore us and our ravings, go on…just like you ignored us over the Electoral Finance Act and s92a….please ignore us, please.

Rudman also thinks that there may well be a vacancy in Mt Roskill as well when that Mp retires. For the life of me I can’t remember his name or even what he looks like.

Rudman then goes on to show that he does indeed read the blogs;

Replacing Ms Clark, an electorate MP, requires a byelection. But if list MP Mr Twyford stands and wins Mt Albert then he will have to be replaced by the next list hopeful too.

The problem for Labour is that the next seven people on the list are yesterday’s people, defeated MPs from last year.

The top two are Damien O’Connor, who lost West Coast, Labour’s so-called birthplace, and Judith Tizard, MP for Auckland Central.

The hierarchy see the advantages of provincial “good bloke” Mr O’Connor returning, but are arguing that the return of Ms Tizard, and those below her like Mark Burton and Mahara Okeroa, would run counter to the rejuvenation process begun last election.

I personally don’t care who Labour selects, they will be mercilessly bashed by me anyway no matter who they are. I just hope it is Tizard and to round out a pleasurable campaign from me I also wish Winston would stand as well.