Anyone outside of Auckland just STFU

non-Aucklanders should the fuck upI have been meaning to blog on this for a few days but haven’t got around to it, nor have I got angry enough, but today finally I have.

DPF, the Idiot and others like to intone sagely their thoughts on Auckland’s restructuring. Well excuse me if I just tell them to STFU and keep their reasoning to themselves.

Today, for the second time in as many weeks Farrar has decided to gift the nation one of his pearls of wisdom about Auckland. Again I say he should just shut the eff up.

Coming to Auckland 1 week in three does not qualify you to comment on anything above the Bombay Hills. Further I would raise that bar by uignoring any submissions to the slect committee from anyone who does not list their residence for voting purposes from within the new proposed boundaries of the new city.

Aucklanders are fed up with busy-body Wellingtonians and politicians shoving their snouts into our pockets and our business. If we cared even a jot for what anyone thinks south of the Bombay Hills we would ask them for their opinion. We certainly are not in any mood to listen to anything they might have to say in the unlikely event it was even remotely interesting.

Just in case you are wondering what my thoughts are, this post isn’t about those, it is about anyone outside of Auckland shutting the eff up.

Just so we are in no doubt about what I am about it is Auckland Solutions from Aucklanders, the rest of you can all just STFU!