ANZAC Tribute Post

ANZAC DayThis post is for all those brave soldiers who went to war to fight to give me the freedom to blog for for other folk to burn flags. it is because they went and fought and died that we are able to enjoy the life we do.

I saw on Not PC the other day a comment that echos my own thoughts.

….if you want to give thanks for peace, then thank a soldier….

I thank my great-grandfather Harry Crozier who left his leg in Gallipoli and I thank Skippy who fought for freedom in Vietnam and never got thanked and still hasn’t had a government say sorry for the treatment he received upon his return. Their sacrifices and the sacrifices of all the others who turned out for freedom mean a great deal to me and I have made sure they mean a great deal for my kids.

You will not be forgotten, ever. Thank you for your sacrifice.