Aortic Len squeaks forth

Len Brown: Speak out now Aucklanders, while you still have a voiceWhat a travesty for local democracy. The Government has delivered a governance model for Auckland that has marginalised communities and taken away their power. It has looked at Auckland and decided it is the business powerhouse… [NZ Herald Politics]

My, my aren’t the left squealing. Last night we had Brown Eye Bob and the Mad Mayor and now today in the Herald we have Aortic Len all intoning about why they think the Government is wrong.

The problem all these tin-pot dictators have is that they dropped the ball in the first place, that was why the Royal Commission was held. Now they are trying to re-write history and try and have a say.

Without fail their submissions to the Royal Commission opposed the Super-City. They wanted to maintain their fiefdoms and now with their little tiny worlds ripped asunder they are trying desperate to maintain any sort of relevance.

Well they had their chance, they missed it. Tough luck, it is time to move on.

If I could make one suggestion for the Super-City though it would b to remove the at-large councillors. It is a ridiculous idea that won’t work. Far better to have councillors match electorates in the region and vote directly. Tough shit if Mapp and Coleman are upset by that.