Candidates not important – The Standard

Lynne (the guy with the girls name) at The Standard thinks that candidates aren’t important. Worse he thinks candidates are “there largely for the debates and baby-kissing”. Well that’s his spin on the fact that Labour is campaigning to hold M Albert already despite not having selected a candidate. Why a resident of Auckland Central gets so het up about Mt Albert is beyond me unless f course the links to Labour and Helen Clark are a lot closer than the lap-bloggers admit to.

As an aside, you may remember the fools at the offshore lap-blog banning anyone who said “the Standard said”…..Lynne (the guy with the girls name) would pontificate that The Standard is a collection of programs and hardware and as such doesn’t have a voice……..except now the collection of programs and hardware has now found its voice with new posts sometimes appearing as written by The Standard……wow technically advanced the offshore lap-blog is now…it can write its own blog posts.

lynn the guy with the girls name at the Standard