Clown of Campbells Bay goes Mental

Mayor slams ‘hoodwinking’ Hide’s super city plansAn Auckland mayor has blasted Local Government Minister Rodney Hide, over the way he is pushing plans for a super city. North Shore’s Andrew Williams is accusing Mr Hide of misleading Prime Minister John Key about the shake-up. The… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Mad Mayor has launched an attack on Rodney Hide and on John Banks in what can only be described as a paranoid delusional tirade clearly penned in the middle of the night.

He has accused John Banks, Rodney Hide and the Prime Minister John Key of collusion of the Super-City proposal.

Andrew Williams is Crunchy the Clown“These inconsistencies and false statements might indicate the need for a judicial review if correct processes have not been followed, if the public of New Zealand have been misled, and if the Royal Commission’ 18 months of research and conclusions have been dismissed within a week by politicians with pre-conceived ideas, intentions and alliances. This is a very serious matter requiring considerable investigation.”

“I am also concerned to be advised that John Banks has been a long-time silent supporter of the ACT Party and has attended ACT Party meetings, sometimes as a guest speaker. This unholy alliance between Banks and Hide needs to be the subject of a great deal of scrutiny. Something smells here. I also understand ACT supporters received inside information on the Government’s decision on Auckland prior to the announcement on Tuesday. This raises questions as to whether this National Government is being hi-jacked by these extreme right wingers”.

The only thing that smells is probably the Mad Mayor’s breathe and there is a good chance it would smell of cheap whiskey. The man is also clearly mad. Any semi-competent psychologist could provide a diagnosis of paranoid delusions of grandeur. The Clown of Campbells Bay continues to prove what everyone knows. That he is a fool, mad, and out of control.