Cry me a river of tears

Dry your eyes, stop blubbing like a poof.

The lawyer for a young man paralysed by a police bullet after he shot at officers during a car chase says he should have received a greater sentencing discount for his injury.

The Crown said James Raymond Warren Samuels, 20, was the author of his own misfortune when he was shot as he raised a gun at police in Waihi in January last year, but his lifelong injuries had been taken into account in the 10-year jail term he received.

Samuels has appealed against the sentence imposed after he pleaded guilty to charges of using a firearm against police, burglary in which a firearm was stolen and unlawfully taking a van.

The Court of Appeal at Wellington reserved its decision yesterday.

After being shot, Samuels had his pancreas and spleen removed and he could not walk. His lawyer, Roger Laybourn, said the prospects for Samuels had improved slightly but the injuries were still considered permanent.

Although problems had been predicted for Samuels’ care at Waikeria Prison, in fact he was receiving the medical help and rehabilitation he needed, Mr Laybourn said.

However, prison was still more difficult for him than an able-bodied person as he coped with his injuries and the depression that followed.

Shoot at cops fool, and you’ve got to expect some come back. If you hadn’t shot at them you would be a cripple now. Take your sentence like the half-man you are. No tears of sympathy from this blogger.